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The countdown to ACE — get ready!


seal_aceLast week, representatives of US Customs and the trade presented at workshop, “ACE: Developing Your Game Plan,” hosted by the Los Angeles Customs Brokers & Freight Forwarders Association (LACBFFA).  Here are some key takeaways:

Brokers and self-filing importers were strongly encouraged to migrate now to ACE, rather than waiting until the following deadlines.  For self-filers, make sure that your ABI provider’s software is ACE-certified, as CustomsNow is.

  • December 31, 2015 — mandated use of manifest and cargo releases in ACE
  • December 31, 2016 — mandated use of all remaining ACE features
  • More than 99% of entry summaries (types 01, 03 and 11) can be filed in ACE right now

ACE Benefits

  • ACE entry summary participation allows filers to:
    • Eliminate paper entry summaries
    • Receive faster CBP response
    • Decrease courier and administrative costs
  • Current and upcoming features require ACE entry summary filing
    • Cargo release/simplified entry
    • Electronic corrections and cancellations
    • Partner Government Agency (PGA) message set
    • Document image system
  • As for cargo release/simplified entry, the benefits include:
    • Enhanced cargo security
      • Allows CBP and the trade to identify and address potential risks earlier in the process
    • Streamlined release of cargo
      • Earlier risk assessment decisions
      • Earlier and more detailed messaging
    • Reduced transaction costs
      • Reduces costs for importers as CBP will request filing data only once
      • Greater predictability, allowing importers to make logistical arrangements in advance of arrival
      • Reduces “exceptions” needing special processing after arrival

ACE entry summary filers can benefit from additional functionalities, including:

  • File type 03 entry summaries using Remote Location Filing (RLF)
  • Conduct expanded analysis using data only available to ACE entry summary filers through the ACE Portal Reporting tool
  • Gain access to an expanded AD/CVD query
  • Perform electronic census overrides electronically from the ACE and reduce instances of electronic invoice transmission
  • Obtain more information from the ACE entry summary query than from the ACS entry summary query
  • Transmit Post Summary Corrections (PSCs) electronically and avoid the paper Post Entry Amendment (PEA) process

Enhanced reporting — importers who self-file, or those whose brokers are using ACE-certified ABI software, can:

  • Monitor their compliance
  • Monitor their broker’s compliance
  • Monitor their bond sufficiency
  • Monitor liquidations
  • Identify unauthorized filer of entries (protect against importer ID theft)
  • Monitor HTS numbers as well as trade preference programs
  • Monitor periodic monthly statement activity
    • End of month accruals for unpaid duty
    • Cash flow projections





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