Electronic Proof of Release...
Goodbye 3461. Hello Automation.
CustomsNow CQS. Providing CFSs, warehouses,
terminals and forwarders with a real-time electronic
process for immediate proof of CBP and PGA releases.
Direct file ISF and import
entries with CustomsNow
CustomsNow provides importers with fast, simple,
and proven ACE-Certified technology and exceptional
support to direct file their ISF and import entries.
Fully Automated
Importer Security Filing (10+2)
It's easier than you imagined, at a fraction of the cost.
Global Trade Services
We provide proven strategies and support at a
sensible price to help you meet your compliance
and cost reducing goals.
Our experience.
Your peace of mind.
Our solutions are not just technology, but
technology fortified with experience.

A Unique Combination of ACE-Certified ABI Software and Professional Consulting Services

CustomsNow™ is focused purely on delivering trade solutions to drive costs out of your supply chain while improving compliance. Achieving 100% compliance at a fraction of the cost is your goal and our mantra.

  • Importer Security Filing (10+2)
  • ACE-Certified
  • Easily Automated
  • Low Transaction Fee
  • Unlimited Amendments
  • Hosted Solution (SaaS)
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Accessible Worldwide, 24/7
  • Full Reporting Functionality
  • 24/7 Online Support
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  • U.S. Import Entry
  • ACE-Certified
  • Easily Integrated
  • All Entry Types + FDA, DOT, FCC
  • Hosted Solution (SaaS)
  • Save up to 90%
  • No Software or Maintenance Costs
  • Comprehensive Query Capabilities
  • Full Reporting Functionality
  • 24/7 Online Support
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  • Professional Services
  • Best Practice Global Trade Compliance
  • Cost Savings Programs
  • Duty Strategies
  • Compliance Assessments
  • Customs Audit Support
  • Process Development & Documentation
  • Staff and Vendor Training
  • Temporary Staffing & Outsourcing
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"In today's earnings-driven world nothing impacts the bottom line and increases compliance faster than implementing a direct filing program. Companies that have developed a sophisticated direct filing program consistently drive compliance rates to the top while capturing significant savings. It's the future."
- Karin Smith, CEO of CustomsNow™

Did You Know?

As an importer, you can legally file any type of import entry in any U.S. port without a license. Contact us today to discuss.

Direct File with CustomsNow™

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