Direct Filing Set-up

CustomsNow™ makes it easy to get set up to direct file with U.S. Customs. Our specialists help our clients with every step of the set-up process from start to finish. This includes providing guidance, detailed instructions, forms and or templates to request a filer code, obtain an ABI Client Rep, get set up with ACH for duty payment, and more.

Power of Attorney

In order for Customs Now, Inc. to conduct Customs business on behalf of an importer, a Power of Attorney must be signed. (19 CFR 141.46). In addition to the POA, other forms may be required. Detailed instructions are found on the POA document.

Please note that the Customs Power of Attorney, CustomsNow™ Addendum and Corporation Certification must be printed, signed and then emailed to, or faxed to 949-480-1698.

If you have any questions regarding the requirements, please contact us or by calling 1-888-669-7501.