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"In today's earnings-driven world nothing impacts the bottom line and increases compliance faster than implementing a direct filing program. Companies that have developed a sophisticated direct filing program consistently drive compliance rates to the top while capturing significant savings. It's the future."

- Karin Smith,
CEO of CustomsNow™

Why Direct File with CustomsNow™?

Do-It-Yourself Has Never Saved So Much

In a time where companies are looking to outsource processes to save money, direct filing is the one process that every importer should perform in-house. The savings are substantial and the compliance improvement is real.

Today, most importers are highly qualified and already do 75% of a direct filing program:

  • Classify products
  • Provide electronic data to brokers
  • Direct relationship with CBP and OGAs
  • Pay duties directly
  • Arrange inland delivery
  • Audit entries

What’s missing? Missing is the technology to transmit the data to Customs and the knowledge of how to bring together all the pieces for a successful direct filing program. That’s why CustomsNow™ stands out: we are not only a technology provider, but a highly experienced professional services company that is with you every step of the way.

Key Highlights for Direct Filing:

  • It’s not an “all or none” proposition: roll out what makes the most sense
  • All entry types can be direct filed: Food & Drug (FDA), quota, anti-dumping, foreign trade zone, reconciliation and more
  • Ocean, air and land-border imports can be filed direct
  • Direct filing helps hold vendors to a higher standard

A Growing Trend

A recent Aberdeen report reveals that 74% of all companies (and 94% of the Best-in-Class) are currently in the process of improving their global trade compliance practices, with an additional 21% planning to begin improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does an importer need a license to file entries?

No, the company does not need to be licensed, nor does the importer need to employ a licensed broker. Importers are allowed to file entries on their own behalf per 19 CFR 111.2(a)(2).

What about the customs broker?

Don’t fire the broker – continue to use their service for the more difficult entries as well as a support layer for local port needs.

Does direct filing require additional staffing?

Not necessarily, as each company’s situation varies. However, we’ve found that a typical, mid-sized importer already has the necessary staff to roll out a direct filing program.

How long does it take to get started?

It takes up to six weeks to get a filer code from CBP. However, access to the ABI system for training and testing can begin immediately. Most companies are able to direct file entries within eight weeks.

Direct File with CustomsNow™

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Did You Know?

As an importer, you can legally file any type of import entry in any U.S. port without a license.
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