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Direct filing

Compliance groups may already perform 75% of the import process themselves.  They classify products, pay duties directly to Customs, provide electronic data to brokers, arrange inland delivery and have some type of direct relationship with CBP and OGAs.  By taking that final step and transmitting the data to and from Customs importers can see substantial savings (up to 90%) and real compliance improvement.

Let us help you build a first class direct filing program.

Tariff Engineering

Sometimes a product can be designed or changed in a way that can minimize the rate of duty without substantially changing the product. This process is called "tariff engineering", and can be used as an important part of your business strategy to reduce costs.

Our professionals can draft rulings to reclassify certain eligible parts and conduct training sessions.


By optimizing international operations, customs duties and fees can be minimized, inefficient customs compliance programs are improved, fines and penalties for non-compliance are avoided, all of which leads to less interruption of your supply chain.

We can help you optimize your international supply chain!

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Our professionals bring decades of experience and can help you put your company in a better position to meet your Customs compliance responsibilities as well as create opportunities to improve the bottom line

Six Most Common Internal Control Deficiencies (per CBP)

  1. No internal control procedures in place
  2. Not monitoring or verifying broker’s work
  3. Not maintaining or updating a classification database
  4. Not requesting CBP assistance with new or complex issues
  5. Poor internal communication within departments
  6. No testing of entries for accuracy