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Duty Strategies

Trade Preference Programs

Several free agreements and special trade programs are in effect that can help companies save money. Companies should consider the impact of these programs when making sourcing decisions and make sure that any programs utilized are following the sometimes complex and very strict regulations involved.

We can help you determine whether your goods qualify for the trade program and if so, help you certify them moving forward.

First Sale

For certain import transactions which involve a three-tiered arrangement (factory/middleman/importer), the importer may be able to claim the first sale (factory – middleman) price as the dutiable value, rather than the final purchased price between the middleman and the importer. In doing so, duty costs are reduced as the duty is assessed on the lower, first sale price of the goods.

Our professionals can assess your import transaction, and where possible, develop a comprehensive, compliant first sale program.

Duty Drawback

Drawback regulations and requirements can be complex, so it is critical that a comprehensive and infallible program is created and closely followed to avoid the potentially large penalties that may apply. Our global trade professionals can help you by developing a duty drawback program which best meets the needs of the corporation. We can also assist or maintain an ongoing program to ensure compliance.

Up to 99% of the duties paid upon importation may be recouped with a successful drawback program.

Foreign Trade Zone

Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) are secured areas under U.S. Customs' supervision that are generally considered outside the U.S. Customs territory. An FTZ can be used for either manufacturing or for distribution, and allow product to be entered into the FTZ duty free. The importer only pays duty on the portion of goods that are entered into the commerce of the United States upon leaving the FTZ.

CustomsNowcan provide a quick FTZ Feasibility Study to see if an FTZ is the right path for your company.

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Did You Know?

Customs duties are often a hidden tax and an ignored cost in the supply chain and rarely get the attention it deserves.