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Special Projects

Customs Audits… Who’s at risk?

There has been a significant increase of Customs audit activity with a promise of more to come. Custom's audit pool generally consists of the top 15,000 importers, which includes most importers with even a minimal number of transactions.

The areas of greatest scrutiny:

  • High risk trade areas (valuation, classification, anti-dumping and free trade agreements).
  • Priority trade issues (protect duty, intellectual property rights, textile and wearing apparel, agriculture, import safety, penalties).
  • Referrals – from other CBP disciplines or other government agencies
  • Importers increasing reliance on their brokers for compliance

Audit Preparation and Defense

We can help you prepare for either a potential or already scheduled Customs audit. Our professionals can review current practices and make recommendations for improvement, or even assist with improvement plans and mitigation during an audit.

Staffing Arrangements

If competing priorities are bogging you down or you are short staffed, let us help. We can place highly qualified temporary labor at your location to:

  • Help with special projects
  • Fill positions for employees taking a leave of absence
  • Assist with workload
  • Take care of other staffing issues as needed

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