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Services & Support Overview

CustomsNow™ combines the right level of technology with the best experience and exceptional support. We know what it takes to design and implement a world class direct filing program. We’ve done it for some of the biggest and most complicated importers in the country and we can do it for you.

Customer Support

We are proud to offer the industry leading customer support center with all the tools and support features you expect with CustomsNow™.
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Client Testimonials

CustomsNow™ clients rave about our robust technology and amazing customer support.
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We offer several options and have a robust online support center that offers you the tools, 24/7, to build a world-class direct filing program.
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The process of getting set up as a direct filer can seem endless. We help manage the process from start to end to ensure a smooth and speedy transition.
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Our professionals can quickly get CustomsNow™ solutions integrated with your systems to get the most out of your program.
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Customs Bonds

Need a customs bond? CustomsNow™ is ready to help.
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Classification and Ruling Service

Get expert advice on HTS classifications.
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Reconciliation (Recon) Service

Low cost recon entries made
easy with our Recon Module.
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Professional Services

We offer many specialized Customs compliance consulting services.
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