CustomsNow™ Classification and Ruling Service

Are product classifications are accurate? Do you pay too much in duties?

The Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) number establishes the rate of payable duty. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine which HTS number applies to a product, which is often subject to different interpretations.

CustomsNow™ can help.

Correct product classification is crucial for compliance. Plus, accurate product classification can provide importers with an opportunity to save money!

Our team of experts works directly with importers by first reviewing their product database and current HTS numbers assigned. We’ll help ensure that current classifications are correct AND supported by the General Rules of Interpretation, Explanatory Notes, binding rulings, and more.

When this is not the case, we’ll suggest the best course of action. This may include requesting a binding ruling, filing protests to recoup duty overpayment, or help seek to ameliorate penalties for any previous misclassifications via prior disclosures.

Is your product:
  • Eligible for a Free Trade Program?
  • Affected anti-dumping orders?
  • Subject to Participating Government Agencies like FDA, FCC, DOT, etc.?

Our clients benefit from our decades of classification experience and success in lobbying CBP for reclassifications.

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