CustomsNow™ Import Trade Management (ITM) Solution

CustomsNow™ offers a robust, stand-alone ITM solution to store and manage ALL information for U.S. imported products. Our ITM solution holds up to 134 item attributes - that’s EVERYTHING that CBP or other Participating Government Agencies (PGAs) require at the time of entry. We also have a home to tie related documentation, such as C/O certs, rulings, and more, directly to the item.

Want to automate?

We can set up a simple file transfer protocol that will import new items/parts from your ERP or GTM into our ITM database -- and leave them in an “unaudited” status. This provides a managed workflow system for classification, completion and approval of the item prior to use. In addition, importers can automatically or manually extract data from the ITM for further distribution to 3rd party brokers or used internally with CustomsNow ‘s direct filing solutions for entries and ISFs.

Don’t leave it to your broker to decide - take the guesswork out of the entry process and you will INCREASE COMPLIANCE!

What’s in your Product File?

Parts File

Import Trade Management (ITM) Highlights

  • Use as a classification work queue for import items
  • Store up to 134 item attributes per item
  • Tie imaged documents to the item (C/O, NAFTA, etc.)
  • Capture HTS, MID, Origin, SPI, detailed description, and many more
  • Flag for reconciliation
  • Track fabric, yarn and fiber country of origin
  • Manage dual-sourced items
  • Maintain notes for special handling instructions, CF28s, tariff changes, etc.
  • Access live HTS and perform CBP queries
  • Report on each and every field allowing for detailed audits
  • Automatically upload new items from internal ERP, GTM, Access database, etc.
  • Easily extract data and share with 3rd parties

Pricing starts at $500 per month

Take it a step further... Leverage this information to build a highly automated self-filing import program.

Item Dashboard – streamline the classification process

Item Dashboard

134 Data Elements – store origin, manufacturer, FDA, FCC, DOT, Lacey and more...

134 Data Elements

Share, Report & Audit – data can be easily extracted to send to 3 parties or to audit entries and report internally

Share, Report & Audit

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