Exceptional Support

As technology commoditizes, experience stands out. CustomsNow™ combines the right level of technology with the best experience and exceptional support.

Familiarize yourself with CBP's Recon Manual.

Introducing the CustomsNow™ Reconciliation Service

Managing your own reconciliation (recon) process is simple when you partner with CustomsNow™. You decide how much or how little help you need with the filings. Then CustomsNow™ completes the transmission and submission to CBP.


  • Control - Manage the timing and quality of the submitted reconciliation.
  • Flexibility – Build your data file based on CustomsNow’s simple template and easily import underlying entries from all brokers
  • Precision – CustomsNow’s reconciliation ABI module automatically creates the header, line item, and associated files for CBP and calculates duties, taxes and interest due
  • Support – Entries filed by CustomsNow, a Licensed Customs Broker
  • Savings - Pay only for the help that you need
  • Tools - Gain access to our reconciliation tools.
  • Visibility - Gain access to ABI query functionality: HTS, ADD/CVD, and cargo manifest

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Simple, Two-Screen Process

Step 1 - Import Flagged Entry Data & Transmit to CBP

Flagged Entry Data Easily Imported

Step 2 - Print System Generated CBP Reports

Print System-Generated CBP Reports

Step 3 - Submit Reports and Disk to CBP

Print Reports, Prepare Electronic Data & Submit to CBP