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Post Summary Corrections (PSC) are here!

Manage your OWN post summary corrections with the CustomsNow™ PSC Solution

Importers have been looking forward to being able to correct entries – either self-filed, or filed by their brokers -- quickly and easily, and with the full rollout of ACE, now they can.

The cumbersome, paper-based Post Entry Amendment (PEA) process -- and relying on a broker to manage it -- is a thing of the past. Now, with PSC functionality, filers have up to 270 days after the date of entry to file electronically (more realistic than the 10-day PEA limit). This means that importers or their designated brokers can make their own corrections easily and cost effectively without rigid time constraints.

The process is incredibly simple, using the CustomsNow™ ACE-certified Post Summary Correction (PSC) Solution:

  1. Use our customized templates to upload the corrected entry and line data, which auto-creates the PSC.
  2. Save and transmit the PSC to CBP with the click of a button.
  3. Receive ABI results (approval) in seconds.

View our demo for more details.

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Learn the PSC “Rules of the Road”:

PSC Overview
Who Can Correct an ACE Entry Summary?
Post Summary Corrections Criteria
Post Summary Correction Restrictions

PSC Overview

  • Trade participants (importers, brokers) can submit a post summary correction (PSC) for an existing ACE entry type 01 and 03 entry summary. Type 11 informal entries are NOT eligible for post summary corrections.
  • The PSC will replace the existing entry summary as a new version of the entry summary on file with CBP and will be processed through existing validations including Census warnings. The version increases to the next whole number, (e.g., 2.0 in ACE reports).
  • PSCs can be made at the header or the line level of the ACE entry summary or both.
  • The PSC will replace the existing Post Entry Amendment (PEA) hardcopy process for all ACE entry summaries.
  • All entry summaries including PSCs may be subject to team review. CBP will not review each PSC.
  • CBP will consider the PSC to be the importer’s assertion that the entry summary data is correct. CBP will accept the data as the most up to date information available and will change the associated collection information to reflect any resulting monetary changes.
  • If a PSC is filed by someone other than the original filer, the original filer will not get a courtesy notice of liquidation via ABI.

Who Can Correct an ACE Entry Summary?

An authorized ACE entry summary filer may submit a post summary correction for an ACE entry summary originally submitted by another ACE entry summary filer if authorized by the same importer of record.

  • The "PSC filer" is a new field within ACE which identifies the filer that submits the PSC.
  • The act of filing a PSC will constitute “customs business” as defined in 19 C.F.R.111.1, so IOR or a designated Customs broker can file a PSC.
  • If the PSC is filed by someone other than the entry summary filer, ownership of the entry summary moves to the PSC filer. Only the PSC filer will be able to view the specific entry summary that was corrected. The filer of the original entry summary will receive an Entry Summary Status Notification (UC) message when a PSC has been filed, but will not have visibility to the new filing. The entry filer will also be able to run an ABI query and view limited information on the entry summary that was corrected.

Post Summary Corrections Criteria

To file a post summary correction for an existing ACE type 01 and 03 entry summary, the original entry summary or previously filed PSC must meet the following criteria:

  • The entry summary cannot be liquidated.
  • The entry summary must be fully-paid or revenue free. This means for entry summaries included on a periodic monthly statement, it may be up to 45 days following the entry date before CBP receives payment for the statement.
  • The entry summary must be in “accepted” status and in “CBP control.” PSCs must be filed within 270 calendar days of the date of entry. The PSC cannot be filed within 20 calendar days of the scheduled liquidation date.
  • ACE will reject the transmission and the filer must file a protest if the entry summary is less than 21 days from the liquidation date.
  • The entry summary cannot be under CBP review. The filer will receive a message indicating “PSC not allowed-under CBP Review” if a PSC is submitted when the entry summary is in CBP review status.
  • Reconciliation fields such as flagging or unflagging an entry summary are not permitted using PSC.
  • A text explanation and at least one reason code are required for each PSC submission.
  • There are NO limitations to the number of PSCs that can be submitted for any one entry summary as long as the PSC is within the permitted time frame and all other requirements are met.
  • An AD/CVD entry type 03 cannot be changed to another entry type using a PSC.
  • Entry summaries cannot be flagged or un-flagged for reconciliation using a PSC.

Post Summary Correction Restrictions

Data elements that cannot be changed via a PSC include the following:

  • Importer of record
  • Consolidated summary indicator
  • District/port of entry
  • Cargo release certification request indicator (including Department of Transportation (DOT) grouping, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) grouping and Participating Government Agency (PGA) grouping.)
  • Live entry indicator
  • NAFTA indicator
  • Reconciliation issue code
  • Preliminary statement print date
  • Periodic statement month
  • Statement client branch identifier
  • Location of goods
  • Any release detail (release entry filer code, release entry number)

Upload Your Data

CustomsNow™ Import Upload Tool and customized templates allows users to auto-create the corrected entry, at the line level. The data source can be from anywhere: ACE portal, the Customs broker, or internal to the importer.

Get your refunds FAST

Use the “Accelerated Liquidation” option when a PSC results in a change in duties, taxes, or fees, to request that CBP liquidates the entry using the 2-week liquidation cycle. This provides for fast and smooth correction process.

Save money now!

Pricing is a one-time License fee for unlimited users, and a low per-transaction fee based on volume.

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